Summer Allergy Treatment & Prevention Options


Summer allergies are such a pain and can cause you embarrassment or cause you to miss out on summertime adventures.  Luckily there are summer allergy treatment and prevention options available to get your summer back on track. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. How to Prevent Summer Allergies The best way to … Read more

NuvoMed Portable UV Sterilizer Review


Welcome to the NuvoMed Portable UV Sterilizer Review! COVID-19 has opened our eyes to how easily illnesses can spread, thus leading us to try and limit our exposures and destroy illness-causing bacteria. I was grocery shopping when I found this portable UV sterilizer, also known as a germicidal UV light, and decided to purchase it for … Read more

How to Replace a WINIX HEPA Filter


Your WINIX air purifier is letting you know that it is time to change your HEPA filter with the replace my filter red light warning, and your allergy symptoms are resurfacing with itchy eyes, coughing, and maybe even hives. It is time to replace your WINIX air purifier’s HEPA filter.  We are going to cover … Read more

WINIX PlasmaWave 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

This is a review of the WINIX PlasmaWave® 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier.  The Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier is what our family has used for the last  4 years (and counting). This review covers hands-on testing of the durability, price, and efficiency versus allergies, mold, dust, bacteria/viruses, and chemicals. This post may … Read more