Are Potatoes High in Histamine?

A wicker basket tipped on it's side with a bunch of red potatoes falling out.

Generally speaking, no, potatoes are not high in histamine. But, there are some potential concerns with potato histamine levels, depending on how these delicious spuds are prepared and whether you have food allergies or histamine intolerance. Let’s dive into the relationship between potatoes and histamine so you can make an informed choice about your diet … Read more

Master Your Airborne Cinnamon Allergy

cinnamon bark inside a glass jar

Cinnamon that has become airborne can cause allergic reactions but that does not mean you have a cinnamon allergy. Although cinnamon allergies do exist, they are uncommon. Airborne cinnamon can cause irritation in your lungs and nose, which can present allergy-like symptoms. Causes of Airborne Cinnamon Allergy The primary cause of an airborne cinnamon allergy … Read more