Best Allergy Medicine for Ragweed

In my experience, the best allergy medicine for ragweed allergies is Claritin® (Loratadine). But, the best allergy medicine for your ragweed allergy symptoms may be different. Let me explain why this is my #1 choice, and what I thought about the other antihistamines on the market. As an Amazon Associate, I may get compensated for … Read more

How To Stop Allergies Immediately

how to stop allergies immediately. Man is coughing into one hand, and holding up his other hand to signify "stop"

Allergies can be irritating and distressing (to put it mildly), so of course you want to know how to stop allergies immediately. To help stop the misery of allergies right away, I have compiled a list of my go-to strategies. As an allergy sufferer of over 30 years, I have compiled this list to help … Read more

Can Allergies Cause Hearing Loss and Tinnitus?

Yes, allergies can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. A Firat University study was conducted on 31 patients who were diagnosed with sudden hearing loss. The study results showed a correlation between allergies and sudden hearing loss in 61.9% of the patients. Tinnitus, which is most commonly referred to as ringing in the ears, can be … Read more

Charcoal Air Purifier: Does it Work?

This post is everything about a charcoal air purifier. Do they work? What is a charcoal bag? Can it really purify the air? We have all the answers.  This quick read is for the charcoal air purifier skeptic, stinky car owner, anyone with kids, or someone who just wants to help out the environment with something … Read more