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Hello! Thank you for stopping by, my name is Chris. A little about me, I grew up in Washington State, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from allergies.

I can recall countless occasions as a child where I would have to stay indoors with a cool washcloth over my eyes to help ease the itchy watery eyes, while my nose was running and waiting for the medicine to “kick in”. Of course, the medicine would start to work but I would be so tired as a side effect.

Fast forward to adulthood, I still have allergies.

I have learned how to reduce my symptoms for myself and my family, which has led to a healthier, more enjoyable environment for all of us. This site is to share the knowledge I have acquired over the last 20 years through experience, research, trial, and error. This is an ongoing process as new research and products are becoming available, I am here to put in the time and find what works best to treat and prevent allergies.


I created Allergy Preventions to provide you with a great resource of allergy information, so you can better manage or eliminate your symptoms.  

My recommendations are based on intensive research, product reviews, and testing, as well as first-hand experience. My goal is to enhance your life by providing education, and recommendations for products and techniques that work.


I have over 3 decades of personal allergy experience (I sure made that sound fancy). As I mentioned earlier, I have had allergies my whole life. Over the years I have picked up ways to lessen my allergy symptoms. I have first-hand experiences with:

  • Allergy medications
  • Allergy research
  • Allergy shots (immunotherapy)
  • Devices (Neti-pots, HEPA filters, humidifiers, etc.)
  • Different allergens in different states
  • Lotions, creams, and ointments

The list is not all-inclusive, but the point is to show you that I am no stranger to allergies!


Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me a bit. Stop by and follow me on your favorite social media platform:

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Additional Information & Experiences

I have 15 years of Public Health experience and an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Public Health Technologies. Here is a bit about what skillsets and knowledge I gained in Public Health.

Communicable Diseases

The goal of the communicable disease work is to know about diseases and other skin conditions so you can prevent them from happening or spreading to others.

Disease Education

Disease education is just that, educating people about diseases. Many of my patient encounters were to educate on specific diseases and answer all of their questions. Other times I would educate large groups at a time, especially when there was a new or emerging disease (COVID-19)…not to name any names.


To help prevent diseases from spreading, I’d have to do a bit of disease detective work. Basically, this means talking to a patient to try and piece together where they might have picked up the illness, and making a list of folks who could have been around when they got sick. Doing this investigation is super important because it lets me teach those who might have been exposed about what’s going on and how to stay safe.

Of course, we can’t stop every single new disease from popping up, so there have been times when I’ve had to dive into an outbreak investigation. The main aim during an outbreak is to put a lid on it, figure out where the whole thing kicked off, and come up with ways to keep it from happening again. I’ve had my fair share of really long days and nights working when there’s an outbreak happening.


Research is where I spent a lot of time when working in the communicable disease section. I need to know the most up-to-date information on the potential threat to the community, or at least know of credible sources to get that information.

Preventing Illness

In Public Health I conducted countless facility inspections. The goal behind these inspections is to ensure that public places were sanitary and safe to utilize for the public.

Food inspections: Conduct food safety inspections on all food establishments in our area of responsibility

Hotel inspections: Inspect hotel rooms and facilities for cleanliness and pests like cockroaches and bedbugs

Childcare/Youth Center facility inspections: Ensure daycares and youth centers were cleaned properly, employees had medical screenings, and children’s shot records were up to date.

Occupational & Industrial Hygiene

Working in occupational and industrial hygiene gave me a wealth of knowledge on hazardous chemicals, hazardous noise, and the health effects that exposures and irritants can have on the body.

Analyst Experience

Currently, I am a Data Analyst, and have learned so many additional skills! Day-to-day, I get to learn about other people’s jobs and how they accomplish them, gather data, and process the data. Most days I am researching policies and developing tools to make the workplace more efficient.

Education and Certifications

  • Associate of Applied Science: Public Health Technologies
  • Associate of Applied Science: Management Engineering Technology
  • Certified Associate in Program Management (CAPM)
  • Hearing Conservation Certification
  • Trusted Care: Safety Behaviors/Error Prevention trained

Tieing it all together

Since I’ve had my fair share of dealing with allergies, I’m super pumped about sharing what I’ve learned. I’m all about spreading knowledge, and I’m pretty skilled at digging into info and making sense of it. That’s why I think Allergy Preventions is the perfect spot for us to come together.