Delayed Reaction After Allergy Shots

allergy immunization needle and syringe with green liquid inside.

Some allergy sufferers are experiencing a delayed reaction after allergy shots (myself included). If you’re among those who have experienced this, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about delayed reactions and how to cope with them. What is an allergy shot delayed reaction? While immediate reactions to allergy shots are … Read more

Juniper Allergies: Facts, Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

Experiencing symptoms from juniper allergies? You’re not alone! These trees can be a major issue for allergy sufferers during the spring and summer months. Don’t worry, I have gathered the necessary information to help you get your symptoms under control. Keep reading to gain more insight into how juniper allergies work and what steps you … Read more

Best Allergy Medicine for Ragweed

In my experience, the best allergy medicine for ragweed allergies is Claritin® (Loratadine). But, the best allergy medicine for your ragweed allergy symptoms may be different. Let me explain why this is my #1 choice, and what I thought about the other antihistamines on the market. As an Amazon Associate, I may get compensated for … Read more