28 Best Hives Meme Collection

So, you are here to get your “laugh on” with the best hives meme collection on the web? Well, these hives (urticaria) memes deliver! Hives can be such a pain, and debilitating. These pictures are to shed a little bit of humor on this condition. Laughter is the best medicine, right? Let’s dive in. 

Woman laughing with hands together with glitter on her face and shoulders.

Fresh Cut Grass Equals Hives Meme

young man school picture dorky looking image with the caption: Smells fresh cut grass, breaks out in hives.
Source: quickmeme.com 

This funny hives meme hits home for me. I was a dorky kid with glasses, and I TOO get hives from cutting the grass.

The “History” of Hives

history channel scientist guy with crazy hair with the caption of “hives”
Source: memegenerator.net 

No meme collection would be complete without this guy. If you have seen his shows on the history channel, he is really smart! Sometimes all you need to say to your friends who know you suffer from urticaria is “Hives”.

Allergic to Cold, Live in Canada

penguin walking meme about cold urticaria. Caption: Been breaking out with hives on neck, arms, and hands. I finally found out why. I’m allergic to the fucking cold and I live in Canada.
Source: imgur.com @nitrodragon54 

Hives like to come and go, move around the body and are caused by different conditions. Learning why you are getting your hives is a huge breakthrough! Finding out that you are allergic to the cold, and you live somewhere cold? Noooooooo.

Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire Hives Meme

who wants to be a millionaire meme of a man with big eyes looking at the choices for the question. The question states: What causes your hives? The answer choices are A. Stress, B. Allergic reaction, C. Heat or Cold, D. Completely random
Source: AllergyPreventions.com

This must be the million-dollar question. I don’t think the correct answer might depend on the day. My eyes would be just as big if you asked me, “What causes your hives?”

Hives…Hives Everywhere

woody and buzz lightyear from the movie toy story meme. Buzz is looking off into the distance with woody, woody has a scared face. Captioned: HIVES, hives everywhere.
Source: memegenerator.net

You’ve got a friend in me, but I am no friend of hives! Buzz Lightyear is way too excited to share with Woody the news that “hives are everywhere”.

I Want to Play in the Snow, But my Cold Hives Say No

anime character wanting to play in the snow. Due to cold hives, she has to sit indoors during winter
Source: reddit.com, u/X-48

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your time indoors when you have cold urticaria. But, having the freedom or option to play in the cold would really be great.

Dwight Shares a Fact on Hives Meme

Dwight from The Office with a blank stare fact meme, Captioned: Fact, hives are stupid
Source: allergypreventions.com

Dwight is a very serious person at times, if you watch The Office, you know. When it comes to hives, Mr. Schrute knows what he is talking about. FACT: Hives are stupid.

Stupid People Give Me Hives

hives meme of woman holding her face while crying with the caption: Broke out in hives, allergic to your stupidity
Source: imgflip.com @LaughUntilYouPee

Other people acting stupid does not cause hives…but I could see how someone could stress you out so much that you get stress hives! Has this ever happened to you?

Are My Hives Subsiding?

futurama character with shifty eyes with the caption: Not sure if hives are subsiding or i'm deluding myself into thinking so
Source: quickmeme.com

This is a fair question every time you get hives. Urticaria likes to move around the body, so of course, it is confusing as to whether you are actually getting better, or if they are on the move.

Bear with Me While I Have Hives

a hives meme of a bear with a sad face, on a log, with the caption: I am breaking out in hives, I have no idea why, but it happens all the time
Source: imgur.com

We don’t choose this life or these hives, so “bear” with us allergy sufferers.

One Does Not Simply Know

lord of the rings, one does not simply meme, captioned: One does not simply know the cause of hives
Source: allergypreventions.com

It’s true, one does not simply know the cause of hives. This condition is such a fickle beast, and some folks may never know the true cause of their symptoms.

Hives at Night, or No Sleep?

Meme of a cartoon man sweating on which red button to push. His options are “Hives at night” or “no sleep”.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Being faced with this type of decision really does make you sweat. You need sleep so your body can take care of itself and heal, but you know that you may wake up with hives. If you get hives when sleeping, you may have a dust mite allergy.

Hives Suck, Change My Mind

change my mind meme of a man sitting at a table drinking coffee with a sign that states “Hives suck, change my mind”
Source: allergypreventions.com

I wonder if this guy knew he would be such a meme sensation. Either way, here we have “Hives suck, change my mind”. I think if you made it to this funny hives meme page you can relate!

Zoolander Meets Hives Meme

Will Ferrell as the character Mugatu from Zoolander. Caption: Hives, they are so hot right now
Source: memegenerator.net, Mugatu

Sometimes we need to just have a good laugh about our hives, Will Ferrell helps make that happen. I guess hives could be a fashion statement.

I Don’t Always Get Hives, but When I Do

Dos Equis beer commercial meme with the caption: I don't always get hives, but when I do, I scratch like a dog with fleas
Source: makeameme.org

The Dos Equis meme strikes again, this time for us with urticaria. When I get hives I try not to scratch like a dog, but I do take some allergy meds and maybe put on a cold compress.

Hives, The Next Generation

Star Trek actor Picard Facepalm, shaking his head with his hand over his eyes with the caption: I don't get hives, I get urticaria
Source: memegenerator.net @Picard Facepalm

Urticaria, hives, red bumps, itchy welts, whatever you call them they still suck and are a good reason to facepalm.

Jim Halpert Discusses Medication for Hives

Meme of Jim Halpert from The Office TV show. He is pointing at a whiteboard that is captioned: Prescribed medication to treat hives. With the second whiteboard of Jim smiling, captioned: Medication side effect? Hives.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Totally something Jim Halpert would bring up during a meeting at The Office. Why do medications have to be this way? 99% of any medication commercials will say it treats something, like hives, but then go and list hives as one of the side effects. Something is not right here.

Cold Urticaria Meme with Mr. Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey jr disgusted face meme with the caption: Cold Urticaria, when someone tries to tell you about your allergy.
Source: memegenerator.net

Robert Downey Jr’s face says it all. This funny meme is about cold urticaria, but it could be about any condition that you suffer from. When someone tells me about MY allergies, without me asking for advice… I don’t want to hear it.

Stress Hives Meme

 muscle skeleton with a sideways hat. Caption: Oh you are stressed out? Here, have some hives.
Source: quickmeme.com

It shouldn’t be this way, hives show up as a punk kid thinking they know everything. I am already stressed, don’t give me hives which makes me stress more.

Your Child Had Hives Once? Willy Wonka Meme

Willy Wonka meme where he is leaning on his hand with the caption: Oh, your child had hives once? I guess you're a good allergy expert now
Source: quickmeme.com

The real quote is “Help. Police. Murder.” but for those who really do suffer from food allergies (not just one occasion), you want to give them this Willy Wonka face. Additionally, you can give them another Willy Wonka quote, “You lose. Good Day, Sir.”

Take A Deep Breath When Hiving From Stress

Boy in class with a really red and veiny face, very stressed looking, with the caption: Combating the stress so you don't get stress hives.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Stress and urticaria are not friends. Find something that calms your stress, don’t hold it in like this guy.

Winter Hives Meme

Tom the cat wide eyes meme. Caption: When you finally made it through winter and you develop chronic hives.
Source: imgflip.com, MonkeyCar

No fun! You made it through winter with your cold urticaria and now that Spring is here, you think you are good to go. A month into Spring and your hives have not gone anywhere, have you developed chronic hives now?

“Chow” But Did You Get Hives?

Chow from the movie "The Hangover" known for the quote "But did you die" with a caption: So you got stressed at a show, but did you get hives?
Source: memegenerator.net

The Hangover is a funny movie, and so are the “Chow” memes. Instead of “But did you die”, we get “But did you get hives?” this saying is much more relatable.

Idiopathic Hives Meme

Meme of the boss in the movie, Office Space. Caption: If you could tell me the actual cause for my hives and not just call them “idiopathic” that would be great.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Office Space is another classic. If you have seen the movie, I know you can hear the voice as you read what he has to say about idiopathic hives.

Achievement Unlocked Hives Meme

Xbox achievement unlocked meme. Achievement is random hives flare-up.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Achievements are always a win in the video game, in the hives meme world, not so much. This achievement is congratulating you on your random hives! I am pretty sure that all of us have unlocked this badge of honor already.

Days Without Hives – Lenny Simpson Meme

The Simpson's days without meme with the days set to 0. 0 days without hives.
Source: allergypreventions.com

For some, hives are a daily battle, which is why this meme is so fitting. Lenny is changing the sign to read 0 days without hives.

Waiting For Your Hives to Clear Up

Skeleton waiting meme of a skeleton sitting on a bench. Waiting for your hives to clear up.
Source: allergypreventions.com

Hopefully, you do not have to wait as long as the waiting skeleton for your hives to clear up. Sometimes I feel like my hives are never going away.

Funny “This is Worthless” Hives Advice Meme

Worthless meme that reads: to stop hives, avoid allergy triggers. woah. This is worthless!
Source: allergypreventions.com

The number one way to avoid hives is to avoid triggers, this advice can seem worthless, especially if you do not know what is causing your urticaria in the first place. If you do know what is causing your hives, avoiding those triggers is good advice, but it’s not always possible.

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