25 Best Allergies Meme Collection

Welcome to the best allergies meme collection! This article is for those looking to be entertained. Allergies are not a laughing matter, but there are some times you would just like to relate through humor. I hope these allergy memes bring you some joy and amusement this allergy season!

Memes About Allergies

Oh yes, here we go! These are the best allergy-related memes I could find on the internet, and they are good.

These “allergy memes” humorously capture the struggles of individuals dealing with allergies. Often featuring relatable images or witty captions, these memes playfully highlight the challenges of sneezing, itchy eyes, and other allergic reactions.

They create a lighthearted way for people to connect over shared experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie in the face of seasonal or environmental allergies. From exaggerated portrayals to clever wordplay, the allergies meme serves as a digital remedy, offering a moment of laughter amidst the sniffles and discomfort.

Allergies, I Feel it

allergies meme of a boy with a stuffy face saying “allergies, I feel it”

Source: imgflip.com @lelan12345

You and me both buddy. This meme sums up my childhood and my adult life for that matter. This poor kid looks like he is getting his school picture taken, but his allergies have taken over.

Good Weather Brings ALL the Pollen

allergies meme of a man with severely swollen eyes. States “When the weather is awesome, but the pollen count is 1 million”

Source: @KevinBasham, via Twitter

Pollen allergies are one of the most common allergens out there. This looks painful, don’t rub your eyes! When the weather is nice out, I wish there was a way to dial back the amount of pollen floating in the air.

Watch out! Allergy Attack Incoming

allergies meme of Jason Momoa sneaking up on a person. Man has the title “me enjoying the warm weather”. Jason Momoa title “My allergies.”

Source: @tank.sinatra, Instagram

The start of every Spring goes like this for me. While I am out enjoying the crisp weather and beautiful flowers in bloom, allergies are sneaking up right behind me.

“I’ll Be There For You”, Said Allergy Season

allergies meme of Jennifer Aniston from Friends blowing her nose: Did somebody say allergy season?

Source: @thunderbubble

We have all been here. Sometimes you just need a few minutes without blowing your nose, so you can get away from it all. The twisted tissues can work wonders for allergies. Did someone say “allergy season“?

No Allergy Meds, Yeah Baby

grass allergy meme with Austin Powers. Says: I noticed you cut grass without taking allergy medicine, I too like to live dangerously.

Source: quickmeme.com

Have you ever done this?! I have once or twice, but it was never the right choice. Allergies win every.single.time.

Don’t Judge My Allergies

an image of a man long blinking with the title “When you want to sneeze but everyone will think you’re infected” meme

Source: u/SirShrek1108, reddit.com

This is another relatable allergy meme, especially in the times of COVID. “When you want to sneeze but everyone will think you are infected”…classic.

Yeah, No Allergies Would be Great

allergies Office Space meme. The boss of Office Space stated: If my allergies would let me get some sleep right now, that would be great.

Source: imflip.com, @Boldchoices

If you have seen the movie Office Space, you are hearing his voice as you read it. Sometimes our allergies just don’t let up when we want to sleep, that would be great.

Too Many Allergies in my Sinuses

Samuel L. Jackson allergies meme. “I’m tired of these motherfucking allergies, in my motherfucking sinuses.”

Source: memegenerator.net

About halfway through allergy season, my attitude turns into Samuel L. Jackson.

Grass Was His Enemy

high school student with really swollen eyes meme. “Can’t participate in gym, might breathe in grass.”

Source: @seasonalallergy, Twitter

A small allergy meme, but the message is large. Grass and pollen allergies make for some miserable days for the kids in school. I have had many instances where I can’t participate in gym class because I might breathe in the grass.

Trees: Silently Attacking Me Since the 1900s

llergies with Trees meme. Blooming pink flower trees down a street with the title, “You see beauty, I see death by allergies.”

Source: @dailymemedose, tumbler

Why does something so beautiful attack us? We may never know the answer, but I do see death by allergies in this meme. You see beauty, I see death by allergies meme.

Allergy Season Meme: Snot Bubble

allergy season meme of a dog with a snot bubble coming out of its nose. Says “Allergy season having me like”

Source: pleated-jeans.com, @Nate

Not too embarrassing to get such a snot bubble when you are at home, but in public…noooooo!

Allergies Meme: Allergies Made Me This Way

Will smith screaming with swelling all over his face from allergies. Caption: I’m not a mouth breather, I just have allergies.

Source: imgflip.com @TELENOVELA

There are mouthbreathers, and there are allergy sufferers. Allergy sufferers are forced to breathe out of their mouths because their nose is clogged. it’s different.

The Sneeze is coming, Stop Looking at Me

llergy season sneezing meme of a woman trying to sneeze. Captioned: Hold pre-sneeze face for extended amount of time in hopes of not losing the sneeze. Realize entire train is staring at you like you are having a stroke.

Source: imgur.com @KlaatuBaradaMumbleMumble

Some people look at the sun to sneeze, some just look like a stuck robot in the pre-sneeze stance. Have you ever held a sneeze face because you don’t want to lose that sneeze? If yes, everyone around you is probably looking at you.

The Makeup Said Waterproof, Not Allergy-Proof Meme

allergies meme of a toy doll with smeared makeup. Caption: Allergies got me like

Source: Memeshappen.com @MemesHappen

No lady wants to look like they just broke up with their high school sweetheart on their lunch break. It’s allergies I swear! Nothing’s Wrong! Allergies got me looking like break-up Barbie.

Yass Allergy Med Relief Seal

seasonal allergies meme of a seal with its eyes closed. Caption: When your allergy meds finally kick in and you can breathe out of both nostrils.

Source: ThunderDungeon.com @ThunderBubble

This allergy meme hits home. It is the small victories in life, and breathing out both nostrils is one of them.

Allergies or Sickness?

allergies meme of futurama character with squinted eyes. Caption: Not sure if allergies or I am sick.

Source: Bustle.com

My rule is to give it another day. If my symptoms are the same the next day, allergies. If my symptoms are worse, I am sick (or both).

Bring Back the Freedom to Cough

allergies Spongebob with a really red face as he holds his breath. Caption: Everyone with allergies & Asthma in the time of COVID.

Source: memestodiscussintherapy, Instagram

Who has run out of the room or to their car just to let out an allergy or asthma-related cough? Hopefully, in time,  we won’t get scowls while coughing in the grocery store.

Pollen and Death Star Twins

pollen under a microscope compared to the Star Wars Deathstar, the image shows they both look the same. Caption: Pollen….Death Star….Any Questions?

Source: @thisisthe_wave, Instagram

I don’t have any questions, they both are from the dark side and want us to suffer. Yes, pollen looks almost exactly like the Death Star, I think George Lucas knew this.

My Face in the Pharmacy Looking for Allergy Meds

Will Smith screaming with swollen eyes, ears, and nose meme. Caption: All this pollen got me like

Source: memesmonkey.com @FitnessCoachKristiK

Luckily I haven’t had my ears swell up like this. Thank you antihistamines.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo’ Dat: Allergies Meme Edition

ain’t nobody got time for that allergy meme

This lady is right! Doesn’t matter if you suffer from food, seasonal, dust, or cockroach allergies, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Forget Winter, It’s Spring I’m Worried About

Game of thrones man with sword meme, mimicking “winter is coming”.

Source: imgflip.com @SpaceMason

I can live with winter. Hearing “Spring is coming” is much more daunting.

Coronavirus vs Allergies Meme

Allergies meme pondering. Coronavirus symptoms: runny nose, cough sore throat. My “allergies” run nose, cough, sore throat

Source: Reddit.com, u/Jay-Fizzy

We have gone a few years with COVID-19 hanging around, and I still ask myself, “Allergies or COVID this time?”

Asthma & Seasonal Allergies: Not Good Times

South Park Ski instructor meme. Caption: If you have asthma and seasonal allergies, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Source: pharmacytimes.com 

Just like the first time skiing, if you have asthma and allergies, once spring approaches you are going to have a bad time.

Winter Allergies? Yeah, Baby!

Austin Powers in blue pajamas with concerned face meme. Caption: Who gets severe allergies during winter? Honestly!

Source: memegenerator.net

Winter allergies are a real deal. But still, who gets severe allergies during winter?! That’s no fun for anyone.

We Are Jealous of You, Puppy

puppy sniffing the air happily, compared to a little boy with stuffy nose meme. Caption: People without allergies be like, ahh I love spring, can you feel it?. Boy - People with allergies, “I feel it”

Imagine being the dog here and just loving and enjoying the season instead of the kiddo with all the symptoms.

Final Thoughts

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