26 Pictures of Hives (Urticaria) on Skin

One of the best ways to find out if you have hives (besides seeing a doctor of course) might be to compare your symptoms with others. Here are pictures of hives on the skin to help you along. Urticaria is another name for hives, which can show up anywhere on the body. People of all ages can get hives including babies and small children.

Being able to recognize what hives look like will help you move forward with diagnosis, and prevent future breakouts for you or a loved one. As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Let’s get started with our 26 pictures of hives on the skin!


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1. Hives

This arm is inflamed with small bumps or welts of hives. Although this is a rendered image, I found it to be beneficial as a visual representation of urticaria.

urticaria hives drawing on the forearm, showing an up close look of hives

2. Hiving Arm

You can see that this person’s arm is inflamed with multiple welts caused by hives.

round hives and whelts on the forearm. showing many raised red circles

3. Left Arm Blotchy Hives

This person’s arm is covered with blotches caused by her urticaria.

blotchy hives on the arm from the shoulder down to the palm on the hand

4. Post-Waxing Hives On Leg

Hives can be caused by a multitude of triggers, in this case, it was after this person got their legs waxed.

hives on legs after getting a wax treatment. many small hives all over leg.

5. Right Leg Skin Patterns From Hives

Hives commonly cause irregular patterns and can move around to different areas of the skin.

different shaped wheals of hives on the leg from the thigh down to the calf.

6. Left Leg Raised Welts From Hives

Another picture of hives from the same user as number 5. This photo shows additional details of her welts.

leg leg welts from hives with a red blotchy appearance.

7. “Ouch” Hive Welts

I am not sure how they scratched their arm to cause these welts, maybe dermatographism, which we will define further down the list.

urticaria deratographism, skin writing, and says "ouch"

8. Swelling Over Knees 

The swelling is taking over the knees and part of the shins.

swollen hives on both knees, really red and rashy

9. Excessive Wheals From Hives

You will notice large wheals on this person’s thigh; the raised swelling is very red and blotchy. I am curious about what caused such a reaction.

very large and raised wheal on thigh caused by hives.

10. Cold Exposure Can Cause Urticaria

Exposure to cold weather can give you hives, as seen in this photo on the hand.

These hives developed from being exposed to a frigid environment.

cold urticaria on left hand near thumb from exposure to cold air

11. Cold Exposure Hives Continued

Here is the other hand which shows hives and welts from cold exposure.

right hand above thumb showing hives caused by cold exposure.

12. Hives From Cold Moving Up Arm 

From another angle, you can see that the hives are moving up the arm from the person’s cold exposure.

right hand showing hives spreading up the forearm from the hand from cold exposure.

13. Hives On Wrist

The underside of the wrist is showing us hives in great detail. As you can see the individual hives as well as swelling and redness in the area.

hives on the underside of wrist, white blotchy hives with red skin surrounding.

14. Urticaria Chronica

This image shows us Chronic Urticaria (CU) which has surfaced on the abdomen (trunk) and chest area.

large, red blotches of hives on hips, stomach and chest.

15. Pruritic Erythema (Skin Redness)

Although not titled as “hives”, skin redness (pruritic erythema) root cause could be hives; as it is just the medical term to describe the redness of the skin.

pruritic erythema on forearm. one red blotch with two dots inside.

16. Round Red Patches On Hand

Also classified as pruritic erythema, this image shows a hand with round, red patches.

round red patches on right hand over knuckles and fingers. showing allergic reaction wheals

17. Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

These hives were classified as “Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria” and have taken over the trunk, stomach, and ribs of this individual.

chronic spontaneous urticaria on the chest and abdomen

18. Hives On Feet

Dark red hives are noticed on the top of the foot, including on the toes. This solidifies that hives really can show up anywhere on your body.

dark red rash of hives on the right foot. rash is mostly on the top of the foot with a few hives going to each toe.

19. Hives On Feet Continued

Here is another angle showing the hives on both feet to include all but the last digits (pinky toes).

both feet showing dark red hives. The left foot has more spread out urticaria versus the right foot

20. Left Foot Closeup Urticaria

Deep red colored hives on the top of the foot closeup.

left foot with allergic urticaria. Hives are on the top of the foot with a few hives on each toe.

21. “Physical Urticaria”

Long scratches of hives on the skin running down the forearm are seen in this image.

physical urticaria on forearm showing lines of scratches with raised welts.

22. “Physical Urticaria – Dermatographism”

This condition of dermographia develops hives when the skin is scratched.

The Cleveland Clinic defines this condition as: “Dermatographism is a common, benign skin condition. People who have this condition develop welts or a localized hive-like reaction when they scratch their skin. It can also happen when the skin is exposed to pressure or rubbing.”

This condition is also called skin writing, dermographia, or “dermatographic urticaria”.

physical urticaria dermatographism on the forearm with writing that says "organic chem 2016"

23. Hives Covering Forearm And Palm

This right arm is showing classic hive symptoms of welts, and redness, and not of a specific shape or location.

hives on right arm. raised welts and redness from the forearm onto the palm.

24. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria (CIU) means that there is not a known cause/or is spontaneous.

chronic idiopathic urticaria on skin showing a few hives and welts with a circle pattern.

25. Large Wheals Caused By Hives

The underside of this forearm is showing very large raised wheals as well as smaller hives in the surrounding area.

very swollen wheals under the arm with raised hives from allergies.

26. Hives On Left Arm

These hives vary in size and shape just below the wrist, and were caused by exposure to grass.

Allergy hives on arm near wrist from grass and pollen exposure while mowing the lawn

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27. Hives on Trunk

This image is described by the ower as acute viral urticaria. There are many blotchy wheals around the belly button that spread to the back.

hives on the trunk, belly button, and back, caused by acute viral urticaria.

28. Skin Writing Urticaria

Skin writing urticaria happens when an object touches the skin and irritates it. This dermatographic urticaria was completed by using the tip of an empty ink pen.

dermatographic urticaria or skin writing. using a ball point pen on the arm, it reads "L50.3"

29. Urticaria Pigmentosa

Urticaria pigmentosa is in the hives’ family. According to MedlinePlus, this condition produces itchy hives from the skin rubbing on itself or something else. This image looks as if the person was sitting down and the skin was touching itself, causing hives.

urticaria pigmentosa on stomach from skin rubbing together. A rash of hives is running across the stomach.

30. Urticaria from Viral Infection

These stomach hives show elevated plaques of skin. The suspected cause, in this case, was a virus infection.

31. Hives on the Back

This person had an allergic reaction which resulted in hives all over their back and shoulders.

hives covering the back and shoulders with raised patches. caused by and allergic reaction.

32. Forearm Hives and Welt

Although hard to see, this forearm shows raised welts from some sort of allergic reaction.

forearm with a rash and welt from an allergic reaction.

33. Urticaria Annulare on Palm

According to NCBI, this condition causes urticaria like papules. This was the palm of a 60-year-old gentleman, the rash was itchy, but disappeared in twelve hours on its own.

annular urticaria on the palm of the hand. the lesions were itchy, with an unknown cause.

34. Hives on Woman’s Back

The back and arms of this lady show hives and raised welts all over, in great detail.

hives on woman's back and arms with raised red areas. the rash of hives is widespread.

35. Cholinergic Urticaria

This picture is showing cholinergic urticaria welts on the trunk. According to Medscape, cholinergic urticaria is also called “heat bumps” which may be caused by heat or sweat.

cholinergic urticaria on the trunk, with lots of tiny raised dots. Also called heat bumps or sweat bumps.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what hives on the skin look like and how they can spring up anywhere on the body.

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