How to Replace a WINIX HEPA Filter

Your WINIX air purifier is letting you know that it is time to change your HEPA filter with the replace my filter red light warning, and your allergy symptoms are resurfacing with itchy eyes, coughing, and maybe even hives. It is time to replace your WINIX air purifier’s HEPA filter. 

We are going to cover the simple steps of changing your WINIX HEPA filter and getting you back on the road to clean air. 


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Steps to Change a WINIX Air Purifier HEPA Filter


Here are the steps to change a WINIX filter successfully, and get back on the road to clean air.

The filter changing steps are very similar (or the same) on the following WINIX Models:

  • 6300-2
  • 5500-2
  • 5300-2
  • C555
  • C535

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To replace your HEPA filter, you will need the following supplies:

  • Replacement HEPA Filter
  • Safety Pin, bobby pin, or thumbtack(something small to reset the filter notification)

If you do not already have your WINIX replacement filter, you can buy them directly from WINIX through their Amazon Store. Click here, (or the filter replacement image below) to be taken directly to Amazon in a new window.

Step 2: Power off and Unplug 

The first step in changing your filter is powering it off and unplugging it from the wall.

This will ensure you have enough space to move around and you won’t accidentally get an injury or suck contaminates into the fan when the filter is removed.

If the air purifier is warm, allow the unit to cool before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Remove Front Panel 


Remove the front cover plate by gently pulling the cover towards the top of the air purifier and setting it aside.

Note: You do have the option to clean the front panel at this step.

You may notice dust has built up where the air passes through the panel, vacuum out the dust, and/or wipe it down with a cloth dampened with water.

Step 4: Remove Mesh Pre-Filter


Locate the release tabs of the pre-filter at the top, and gently push down and pull towards you.

Once removed, set aside or clean. 

Mesh Pre-Filter Cleaning Instructions:

  • Vacuum out the dust. I have found the hose with the brush attachment works best
  • If extra dirty and the vacuum doesn’t work, rinse the pre-filter in room temperature water (no cleaners or soaps)
  • Allow to air dry for at least 24 hours before placing back into the unit

Step 5: Remove the AOC Carbon Filter


There are two small finger holes on each side of the filter to grab easily

Remove from the unit and set aside or clean.

Carbon Filter Cleaning Instructions: 

Run under room temperature water (not hot).

Pro tip: Don’t have the water pressure up too high or you will have a mess

Only use water and do not use cleaners or soaps

Allow the filter to air dry for at least 24 hours before placing back into the unit


Step 6: Remove the HEPA Filter


 Remove the HEPA filter.

Depending on your specific filter, there may be a pull tab to assist in the removal.

(Your filter may or may not have tabs to remove the filter)

Step 7: Inspect Your WINIX Air Purifier 


Inspect the air purifier unit for any areas where dust or debris may have gotten into this area and vacuum or wipe it out with a damp cloth. 

Step 8:  Replace the Winix Filter 


Grab your new HEPA filter, and remove it from the box and plastic.

locate the airflow indicator on the top or bottom of the HEPA filter and point the arrow into the air purifier.

Place the filter into the unit.


Note: when handling the HEPA filter be careful not to get it wet or damage the filter, this can compromise its performance.

Step 9:  Install The Carbon Filter 


Grab your carbon filter and have your pre-filter nearby.

Place the carbon filter on top of the new HEPA filter and hold it in place. 

Step 10:  Install The Mesh Pre-Filter


Place the pre-filter from step 3 on top of the carbon filter.

Align the bottom nubs into their respective slots and lightly press the top tabs into place.

This will lock and secure all 3 filters. 

Step 11:  Place Front Cover Back Into Place  


Place the front panel back into place by aligning the tabs towards the bottom of the cover with the air purifier.

Once aligned, push the top of the cover to align with the top of the unit until the magnets engage.

Step 12:  Plug in and Power On the Unit 


Plug the air purifier back into the outlet and power on the unit by pressing the “On/Off” button on the top of the unit.

Step 13: Reset Filter Light 


Now that you have replaced the HEPA filter, you will need to reset the “Replace Filter” notification.

To do this, place your pointy object (bobby pin, safety pin, thumbtack) into the small hole located next to the check filter light (if illuminated), inside the reset loop.

Hold down the reset button for about 5 seconds until the light resets or the unit beeps.

You are now good to go and will be notified in about a year (minimum recommended replacement time)

Step 14: Enjoy Clean Air

You Did It! You replaced a Winix air filter. 

Now you can enjoy some fresh filtered air. Congrats!


Uh-Oh, did something not go as planned? Here are the top issues that you may encounter when changing your WINIX filter.

Mesh pre-filter will not lock into place


If the Mesh pre-filter will not lock the HEPA and carbon filter into place, typically this is caused by the pre-filter being placed backward.

Rotate the filter, and now the tabs at the top should secure firmly into place.

The device will not power on

If your WINIX filter won’t power on, check that the purifier is plugged in and try powering on the unit again. Unplug and remove all the filters, place them back into place, plug in the unit and try to power it on.

If that didn’t work, try a different outlet on a different wall.

If that this point the unit will not power on at all, you should call WINIX Customer Service at 847-551-9900.

The front panel cover doesn’t fit

If your front cover of the air purifier does not fit or stay on, check the following:

  • Ensure the magnetic plates are clean and unobstructed on the air purifier and the front cover
  • Check filter placement by ensuring the HEPA filter is pressed all the way into the unit, with the airflow headed in the right direction
  • Ensure the carbon filter is firmly against the HEPA filter. Align the mesh pre-filter (step 11)

Once the above steps are completed, your issue should be resolved.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I have provided you with an easy step-by-step process to replace your WINIX HEPA Air Filter. If this was helpful for you, I bet it would be helpful for someone you know, please share to spread the word.

If you would like more information about the WINIX 5500-2 True HEPA Filter, please check out my full review. (click here) 

Thank you for stopping by.

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