Nickel Free Necklaces (Safe – Affordable – Nickel-Free)

Nickel free necklaces can be hard to come by, which is so frustrating! I have searched the web to help you find necklaces that are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and affordable without being cheap in quality. These allergy free necklaces are handpicked to be worn for any occasion. Additionally, these necklaces would be a great gift for … Read more

Top Hypoallergenic Dish Soap Choices

Washing dishes is something we don’t love to do (but we love when they are done). Maybe the dish soap you are using dries out or cracks your skin, or maybe you have a dish soap allergy. Your red, dry, or eczema-covered hands need some love when doing dishes. Hypoallergenic dish soap is a must! … Read more

9 Leading Hand Eczema Triggers

You or someone you know has eczema on their hands. Do you find yourself having hand eczema and not knowing where in the world it came from? I have completed extensive research to find answers to the causes, triggers, and how to manage symptoms of eczema on your hands. Let’s go over the leading hand … Read more