8 Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

Four different sized, black, bags that contain activated bamboo charcoal with odor-absorbing, and mold eliminating properties.

Bamboo charcoal air purifier bags provide clean, purified air wherever they are used. Bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are proven to work, but which bags are the best on the market?  This list of the best will go in countdown order, with number one being the best.  Looking to get in and get out with … Read more

Charcoal Air Purifier: Does it Work?

A spoon filled with powered activated charcoal.

This post is everything about a charcoal air purifier. Do they work? What is a charcoal bag? Can it purify the air? We have all the answers.  This quick read is for the charcoal air purifier skeptic, stinky car owner, anyone with kids, or someone who just wants to help out the environment with something less … Read more

15 Natural Pollen Allergy Remedies

A collage of citrus fruits, essential oils, and herbal teas, signifying the natural pollen allergy remedies.

If you suffer from pollen allergies, you know how disruptive they can be to your daily life. From sneezing fits to itchy eyes, the symptoms can range from annoying to downright debilitating. While traditional treatments like medications and allergy shots can provide relief, many people seek out natural pollen remedies to alleviate their symptoms. In … Read more

Ragweed Allergy 101: Guide to Understanding the Culprit

up-close image of the ragweed plant

If you are someone who suffers from ragweed allergies (like me), you know that this time of year can be pretty miserable. Ragweed pollen is very potent and can cause a wide range of unbearable allergy symptoms. after this article, you will have a better understanding of ragweed, what you can do about your symptoms, … Read more