Best Hypoallergenic Pets: Types, Tips, Recommendations

Life without a pet is unimaginable for some people, while it might be a nightmare for others. Here’s the good news for those who experience allergic reactions from such pets. There are pets for you who will not leave you with a bad itch or cough your lungs out. They are known as hypoallergenic pets. … Read more

Charcoal Air Purifier: Does it Work?

This post is everything about a charcoal air purifier. Do they work? What is a charcoal bag? Can it really purify the air? We have all the answers.  This quick read is for the charcoal air purifier skeptic, stinky car owner, anyone with kids, or someone who just wants to help out the environment with something … Read more

The Complete Environmental Allergies Guide

What if there was a guide that could give you ALL the information you wanted to know about environmental allergies? Where here it is! I created this guide because environmental allergies zap our energy, give us miserable symptoms, and prevent us from fully enjoying the great outdoors. Did you know that Worldwide, allergic rhinitis affects … Read more

Allergies and Genes: Are Allergies Genetic?

Allergies and genetics, are two complicated categories. Are they related or is the connection an old wives tale? Allergic conditions are one of the most common health issues affecting children in the U.S. Are genetics to blame? The question “Are allergies genetic?” maybe popped into your head out of pure curiosity, or maybe you are … Read more