Sinus Infection vs Allergies: What is the Difference?

You have found yourself with sinus symptoms you cannot ignore, but ask yourself “Are these symptoms from allergies or a sinus infection?” Let’s battle (figuratively) Sinus Infections vs. Allergies, and get educated on the differences, symptoms, treatments, and prevention measures for both conditions.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. Main Differences … Read more

Should I Use a Humidifier in Summer?


So, you are asking yourself, “Should I use a humidifier in summer?”  Most of us have experienced cold and dry winters, so we get out the humidifier to help make those dry nights more comfortable. In the summer when the air conditioning is running non-stop, our skin is getting dry, our nose is congested, and … Read more

How My Pollen Allergy Almost Killed Me

This is the story of how my pollen allergy almost killed me. My allergies were so bad during training that my body went into anaphylaxis and landed me in the emergency room. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Background We moved to Texas in February 2018 and I didn’t really have any … Read more